Our aim is to provide a special service for a memorable occasion at a reasonable cost.

If the Bridal Car Service is Cheap, There Must Be Something Wrong.
Think about it. A quality motor vehicle costs a lot to maintain. This is particularly the case with classic motor vehicles. If a bridal car company is offering their vehicles for a low price, then it stands to reason that they will not have the margin to maintain there vehicles at a high standard. If that is the case, then anything could (and sometimes does) go wrong.

Quality Must Come Before Price
No matter what price you pay for your cars - if they break down - your special day is a disaster.
Remember - A cheap price strongly suggests a poor quality, poorly maintained product. Unfortunately, the highest price does not necessarily guarantee you the highest quality product either.

No one can guarantee that your car will not break down on your wedding day. Even your own car has probably let you down at some stage, whether new or old, but if you choose the wedding cars carefully you can minimise the risk of problems arising from bad management.
If you wish to contain costs, you may consider spending a little extra on a quality car for the Bride and Groom and use family transport for the rest of the Bridal Party.

How Do Our Prices Compare?
Whilst we will rarely be the cheapest on the market, we can assure you that you will always receive superb value for the money you pay us. However, many people are surprised at how reasonable our rates are for such a high quality product, when compared with other Bridal Car companies.

Do I Book With A Small Or Large Operator?
Some people will argue that dealing with a small operator is more personal. However, your choices will be limited, and if something goes wrong, there might not be any back up available.
Do I trust my cars to a part time hobbyist, who after all will possibly be the only supplier for my wedding day, not a full time professional? Others will argue a larger, more established operator has more options and better back up. However, with a large fleet the maintenance might not have been carried out thoroughly.
Should I book directly with the owner of the car? Be aware that some operators will book you a car through another operator, who will then book the car with the owner. The potential for something to go wrong is greatly increased. Ask to view the actual car that is going to your wedding. Determine who owns it, and if the booking agent is booking direct with the owner. This should minimise the chances of something going wrong.
You cannot afford to be relying on a band-aid solution on the day, rather it is essential to avoid the injury all together, by selecting only the highest quality cars and suppliers.
After all, you aren't holding your reception at the local take-away, you haven't bought your dress from a flea market, you're not relying on disposable cameras for your photographs, so why not take the same care when selecting you wedding cars?