Bank and public holidays in England and Wales for the years 2012-2013

The dates of bank and public holidays in England for the years 2012-2013 inclusive are listed below.
England and Wales 2012 2013
New Year's Day 2 Jan * 1 Jan
Good Friday 6 Apr 29 Mar
Easter Monday 9 Apr 1 Apr
Early May Bank Holiday 7 May 6 May
Spring Bank Holiday 4 June * 27 May
Diamond Jubilee Holiday 5 June
Summer Bank Holiday 27 Aug 26 Aug
Christmas Day 25 Dec 25 Dec
Boxing Day 26 Dec 26 Dec
* Substitute Day
Dates in bold are bank holidays which have been introduced since the 1971 Banking and Financial Dealings Act, and are routinely proclaimed each year by the Queen; dates in italics are subject to Proclamation by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and are not included in the Royal Proclamation. All other dates have been designated bank holidays under the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971.